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Supreme Court of India
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Criminal Law
Bare Acts
The Indian Evidence Act, 1872
Section 90-134
Section 101
Section 115
Section 118
Section 119
Section 133
Section 134
Section 105- Burden of proving that case of accused comes within exceptions

When a person is accused of any offence, the burden f proving the existence of circumstances bringing the case within any of the General Exceptions in the Indian Penal Code(XLV of 1860) or within any special exception or proviso contained in any other part of the same Code, or in any law defining the offence, is upon him, and the Court shall presume the absence of such circumstances.


(a) A, accused of murder, alleges, that by reason of unsoundness of mind, he did not know the nature of the act.

The burden of proof is on A.

(b) A, accused of murder, alleges, that by grave and sudden provocation, he was deprived of the power of self-control.

The burden of proof is on A.

(c) Section 325 of the Indian Penal Code(XLV of 1860) provides that whoever, except in the case provided for by Section 335, voluntarily causes grievous hurt, shall be subject to certain punishments.

A is charged with voluntarily causing grievous hurt under Section 352.

The burden of proving the circumstances bringing the case under Section 335 lies on A.

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