Criminal Law
Mode of Citation- ILC-2017-SC-CRL-....
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Criminal Law
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Criminal Law
Mode of Citation- ILC-2017-SC-CRL-....
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Tekan Alias Tekram Vs. State of Madhya Pradesh (Now Chhattisgarh)

Head Note

Criminal Laws  - Victim Compensation Scheme

Rape sexual exploitation - Formulation of Scheme - All the States and Union Territories directed to make all endeavour to formulate a uniform scheme for providing victim compensation in respect of rape/sexual exploitation with the physically handicapped women as required under the law taking into consideration the scheme framed by the State of Goa for rape victim compensation.

The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973  - Section 357 , Indian Penal Code,1860  - Section 376

Rape Victim - Compensation - Victim, who is blind, sexually exploited by appellant on promise of marrying her - Being in a vulnerable position and who is not being taken care of by anyone and having no family to support her either emotionally or economically, respondent-State directed to give her any lump sum amount as compensation for rehabilitation as she is not in a position to keep and manage the lump sum amount - In the special facts of this case the respondent-State directed to pay Rs.8,000/- per month till her life time, treating the same to be an interest fetched on a fixed deposit of Rs.10,00,000/-.

Topic(s)-Rape Victim - Compensation granted

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