What is this site??

Hi, and thanks for taking interest in my corner of the web!

I’m just getting started with this site, so there isn’t much here yet but I figured I’d fill in the few curious readers I do have and explain a bit about this site.

I’m a College sophomore taking computer sciences and have always been fascinated with the web. I decided I wanted to try messing around with a website of my own and so this is the result.

Why make a website about car accidents you may ask??

Well, car accidents are extremely prevalent in New York and the US at large. I decided to make a website about car accidents and car safety because I’m an enthusiast of sorts. I didn’t have any commercial motivation for making a website so when I thought to myself, what should my site be about, I decided to go for a topic that I could research for hours on end without ever getting bored. Car accidents is what I ended up on!

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