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earnest payment

n. a deposit paid to demonstrate commitment and to bind a c


n. the right to use the real property of another for a spec


n. way of departure. A word usually used in conjunction wit


n. popular acronym for environmental impact report, require


n. a lawsuit brought to remove a party who is occupying rea

ejusdem generis

(eh-youse-dem generous) v adj. Latin for "of the same kind,

elder law

n. a specialty in legal practice, covering estate planning,

election of remedies

n. an outmoded requirement that if a plaintiff (party filin

election under the will

n. in those states which have statutes which give a widow a


(eh-luh-moss-uh-nary) adj. charitable, as applied to a purp


n. 1) an essential requirement to a cause of action (the ri


n. freeing a minor child from the control of parents and al


n. the crime of stealing the funds or property of an employ


n. a person who commits the crime of embezzlement by fraudu


n. crops to which a tenant who cultivated the land is entit


n. a sudden, unforeseen happening which requires action to

eminent domain

n. the power of a governmental entity (federal, state, coun


n. salary, wages and benefits paid for employment or an off

emotional distress

n. an increasingly popular basis for a claim of damages in


n. a person who is hired for a wage, salary, fee or payment


n. a person or entity which hires the services of another c


n. the hiring of a person for compensation. It is important

en banc

(on bonk) French for "in the bench," it signifies a decisio

enabling clause

n. a provision in a new statute which empowers a particular


(inclosure)n. land bounded by a fence, wall, hedge, ditch o


v. to build a structure which is in whole or in part across


n. the act of building a structure which is in whole or in


(incumbrance)n. a general term for any claim or lien on a p

endorse (indorse)

v. 1) to sign one's name to the back of a check, bill of ex


(indorsement)n. 1) the act of the owner or payee signing hi


n. the creation of a fund, often by gift or bequest from a


v. for a court to order that someone either do a specific a


n. 1) to exercise a right. 2) pleasure. 3) the use of funds

enter a judgment

v. to officially record a judgment on the "judgment roll,"


n. a general term for any institution, company, corporation


n. in criminal law, the act of law enforcement officers or

entry of judgment

n. the placement of a judgment on the official roll of judg

environmental impact report

n. a study of all the factors which a land development or c

environmental law

n. a body of state and federal statutes intended to protect

equal opportunity

1) n. a right supposedly guaranteed by both federal and man

equal protection of the law

n. the right of all persons to have the same access to the


adj. 1) just, based on fairness and not legal technicalitie

equitable estoppel

n. where a court will not grant a judgment or other legal r

equitable lien

n. a lien on property imposed by a court in order to achiev


n. 1) a venerable group of rights and procedures to provide

equity of redemption

n. the right of a mortgagor (person owing on a loan or debt


: n., adj. equal in value, force or meaning.


(air-go)conj. Latin for "therefore," often used in legal wr


adj. 1) in error, wrong. 2) not according to established la


n. a mistake by a judge in procedure or in substantive law,

errors and omissions

n. short hand for malpractice insurance which gives physici

escalator clause

n. a provision in a lease or other agreement in which rent,

escape clause

n. a provision in a contract which allows one of the partie


n. from old French eschete, which meant "that which falls t


1) n. a form of account held by an "escrow agent" (an indiv

escrow agent

n. a person or entity holding documents and funds in a tran

escrow instructions

n. the written instructions by buyer and seller of real est


n. the crime of spying on the federal government and/or tra


n. a form of address showing that someone is an attorney, u


n. 1) all that one owns in real estate and other assets. 2)

estate by entirety

n. tenancy by the entirety

when yo

estate tax

n. generally a federal tax on the transfer of a dead person


v. to halt, bar or prevent.



n. a bar or impediment (obstruction) which precludes a pers

et al.

n. abbreviation for the Latin phrase et alii meaning "and o

et seq.

(et seek) n. abbreviation for the Latin phrase et sequentes

et ux.

(et uhks) n. abbreviation for the Latin words et uxor meani

evasion of tax

n. the intentional attempt to avoid paying taxes through fr


n. a generic word for the act of expelling (kicking out) so


n. every type of proof legally presented at trial (allowed

ex delicto

(ex dee-lick-toe)adj. Latin for a reference to something th

ex officio

a (ex oh-fish-ee-oh)dj. Latin for "from the office," to des

ex parte

(ex par-tay, but popularly, ex party) adj. Latin meaning "f

ex post facto

adj. Latin for "after the fact," which refers to laws adopt

ex rel.

conj. abbreviation for Latin ex relatione, meaning "upon be


n. 1) the questioning of a witness by an attorney. Direct e


n. 1) a formal objection during trial ("We take exception,

exception in deed

n. a notation in a deed of title to real property which sta

excessive bail

n. an amount of bail ordered posted by an accused defendant


1) v. to trade or barter property, goods and/or services fo


n. a tax upon manufacture, sale or for a business license o

exclusionary rule

n. the rule that evidence secured by illegal means and in b


adj. applied to evidence which may justify or excuse an acc

excusable neglect

n. a legitimate excuse for the failure of a party or his/he


v. 1) to finish, complete or perform as required, as in ful


1) adj. to have been completed. (Example: "it is an execute


n. 1) the act of getting an officer of the court to take po

executive clemency

n. the power of a President in federal criminal cases, and

executive order

n. a President's or Governor's declaration which has the fo

executive privilege

n. a claim by the President or another high official of the


n. the person appointed to administer the estate of a perso


adj. something not yet performed or done. Examples: an exec

executory interest

n. an interest in property (particularly real estate) which


(pl. executrices) n. Latin for female executor. However, th

exemplary damages

n. often called punitive damages, these are damages request


n. 1) in income taxation, a credit given for each dependent


n. 1) a document or object (including a photograph) introdu


n. a possibility of future enjoyment of something one count


n. in business accounting and business taxation, any curren

expert testimony

n. opinions stated during trial or deposition (testimony un

expert witness

n. a person who is a specialist in a subject, often technic


adj. direct, unambiguous, distinct language, particularly i

express contract

n. a contract in which all elements are specifically stated


n. a taking of property or rights by governmental authority


n. granting of a specific amount of extra time to make a pa

extenuating circumstances

n. surrounding factors (sometimes called mitigation) which


n. the cancellation or destruction of a right, quite often


n. obtaining money or property by threat to a victim's prop


n. the surrender by one state or country of a person charge


adj. referring to actions outside the judicial (court) syst

extraordinary fees

n. attorneys' fees claimed, usually in the administration o

extreme cruelty

n. an archaic requirement to show infliction of physical or

extrinsic fraud

n. fraudulent acts which keep a person from obtaining infor


n. a person who has actually seen an event and can so testi

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