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n. abbreviation for Judge, as in the Hon. William B. Boone,

Jane Doe

n. 1) a fictitious name used for a possible female defendan


n. walking across a street outside of marked cross-walks, a


n. short for Juris Doctor, identifying the holder as having


n. peril, particularly danger of being charged with or conv


n. a merchant who buys products (usually in bulk or lots) a

John Doe

n. 1) a fictitious name used for a possible male defendant


n. the joining together of several lawsuits or several part

joinder of issue

n. that point in a lawsuit when the defendant has challenge


adj., adv. referring to property, rights or obligations whi

joint adventure

n. when two or more people go together on a trip or some ot

joint and several

adj. referring to a debt or a judgment for negligence, in w

joint custody

n. in divorce actions, a decision by the court (often upon

joint enterprise

n. a generic term for an activity of two or more people, us

joint liability

n. when two or more persons are both responsible for a debt

joint powers agreement

n. a contract between a city, a county and/or a special dis

joint tenancy

n. a crucial relationship in the ownership of real property

joint tortfeasors

n. two or more persons whose negligence in a single acciden

joint venture

n. an enterprise entered into by two or more people for pro

Jones Act

n., adj. a federal law which covers injuries to crewmen at


1) n. an official with the authority and responsibility to

judge advocate

n. a military officer with legal training who has the mixed

judge advocate general

(J.A.G.) n. a military officer who advises the government o


n. the final decision by a court in a lawsuit, criminal pro

judgment by default


when your husband cheats
judgment creditor

n. the winning plaintiff in a lawsuit to whom the court dec

judgment debt

n. the amount of money in a judgment award to the winning p

judgment debtor

n. the losing defendant in a lawsuit who owes the amount of

judgment notwithstanding the verdict

(N.O.V.) n. reversal of a jury's verdict by the trial judge


adj., adv. 1) referring to a judge, court or the court syst

judicial discretion

n. the power of the judge to make decisions on some matters

judicial foreclosure

n. a judgment by a court in favor of foreclosure of a mortg

judicial notice

n. the authority of a judge to accept as facts certain matt

judicial proceedings

n. any action by a judge re: trials, hearings, petitions or

judicial sale

n. a sale of goods by an official (keeper, trustee or sheri

jump bail

v. to fail to appear for a court appearance after depositin


(jur-at) n. Latin for "been sworn," the portion of an affid

Juris Doctor

(J.D.) n. the law degree granted upon graduation by many u


n. the authority given by law to a court to try cases and r

jurisdictional amount

n. the range between the minimum and maximum amount of mone


n. the entire subject of law, the study of law and legal qu


n. although it means any attorney or legal scholar, jurist


n. any person who actually serves on a jury. Lists of poten


n. one of the remarkable innovations of the English common

jury box

n. the enclosed area in which the jury sits in assigned sea

jury fees

n. the rather minimal amount paid each day to jurors, plus

jury of one's peers

n. a guaranteed right of criminal defendants, in which "pee

jury panel

n. the list from which jurors for a particular trial may be

jury selection

n. the means by which a jury is chosen, with a panel of pot

jury stress

n. a form of mental, emotional, psychological, physical and

jury tampering

n. the crime of attempting to influence a jury through any

jury trial

n. a trial of a lawsuit or criminal prosecution in which th

just compensation

n. 1) in general a fair and reasonable amount of money to b


n. 1) fairness. 2) moral rightness. 3) a scheme or system o

justice of the peace

(JP) n. a judge who handles minor legal matters such as mis


n. referring to a matter which is capable of being decided

justifiable homicide

n. a killing without evil or criminal intent, for which the

juvenile court

n. a special court or department of a trial court which dea

juvenile delinquent

n. a person who is under age (usually below 18), who is fou

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