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prep. abbreviation for id est, which is Latin for "that is"


1) adj. in violation of statute, regulation or ordinance, w

illegal immigrant

n. an alien (non-citizen) who has entered the United States

illusory promise

n. an agreement to do something that is so indefinite one c


adj. a commonly heard objection to introducing evidence in


adv. 1) at once. 2) in orders of the court or in contracts


n. exemption from penalties, payments or legal requirements


v. to select and install a jury.



n. the act of selecting a jury from the list of potential j


v. 1) to discredit the testimony of a witness by proving th


n. 1) discrediting a witness by showing that he/she is not


n. a procedural device before trial in which a party brings


adj., adv. referring to circumstances, conduct or statement

implied consent

n. consent when surrounding circumstances exist which would

implied contract

n. an agreement which is found to exist based on the circum

implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing

n. a general assumption of the law of contracts, that peopl

implied warranty

n. an assumption at law that products are "merchantable," m


n. when an act cannot be performed due to nature, physical


n. the male's inability to copulate. Impotence can be groun


v. 1) to collect funds, in addition to installment payments


n. any permanent structure on real property, or any work on


v. 1) to attach to a person responsibility (and therefore f

in absentia

(in ab-sensh-ee-ah) adj. or adv. phrase. Latin for "in abse

in camera

adj. or adv. phrase. Latin for "in chambers." This refers t

in chambers

adj. referring to discussions or hearings held in the judge

in extremis

(in ex-tree-miss) adj. from Latin, facing imminent death.

in fee simple

adj. referring to holding clear title to real property.

in forma pauperis

(in form-ah paw-purr-iss) adj. or adv. Latin for "in the fo

in haec verba

(in hike verb-ah)prep. Latin for "in these words," which re

in kind

adj. referring to payment, distribution or substitution of

in lieu

prep. instead. "In lieu taxes" are use taxes paid instead o

in limine

(in lim-in-ay) from Latin for "at the threshold," referring

in loco parentis

prep. (in loh-coh pah-rent-iss) Latin for "instead of a par

in pari delicto

adv. (in pah-ree dee-lick-toe) Latin for "in equal fault,"

in perpetuity

adj. forever, as in one's right to keep the profits from th

in personam

adj. (in purr-soh-nam) from Latin for "directed toward a pa

in pro per

adj. short for in propria persona.

in propria persona

adj. from Latin "for one's self," acting on one's own behal

in re

prep. short for "in regard to" or concerning. Often "in re"

in rem

adj. from Latin "against or about a thing," referring to a

in terrorem clause

(in tehr-roar-em)n. from Latin for "in fear," a provision i

in toto

(in toe-toe)adj. Latin for "completely" or "in total," refe


adj. 1) not being able to perform any gainful employment du


n. sexual intercourse between close blood relatives, includ


adj. or adv. referring to something which has begun but has

incidental beneficiary

n. someone who obtains a benefit as the result of the main


n. money, goods or other economic benefit received. Under i

income tax

n. a tax on an individual's net income, after deductions fo


n. the state of a marriage in which the spouses no longer h


adj. 1) inconsistent. 2) unmatching. 3) unable to live toge


n. the condition of lacking the ability to handle one's aff


adj. 1) referring to a person who is not able to manage his

incompetent evidence

n. testimony, documents or things which one side attempts t

incontrovertible evidence

n. evidence introduced to prove a fact in a trial which is


v. 1) to obtain an official charter or articles of incorpor

incorporate by reference

v. to include language from another document or elsewhere i


n. the act of incorporating an organization.


adj. referring to a thing which is not physical, such as a


v. to make a statement in which one admits that he/she has



android monitoring apps
indecent exposure

n. the crime of displaying one's genitalia to one or more o


adj. cannot be altered or voided, usually in reference to a


v. to guarantee against any loss which another might suffer


n. the act of making someone "whole" (give equal to what th


n. a type of real property deed in which two parties agree

independent contractor

n. a person or business which performs services for another

indeterminate sentence

n. the prison term imposed after conviction for a crime whi


n. (in-dish-yah) from Latin for "signs," circumstances whic

indictable offense

n. a crime (offense) for which a Grand Jury rules that ther


n. a charge of a felony (serious crime) voted by a Grand Ju


1) n. a person so poor and needy that he/she cannot provide

indispensable party

n. a person or entity which must be included in a lawsuit s



cheat on husband


why do husbands have affairs

n. although the popular use of the word means the early yea


n. a rule of logic applied to evidence in a trial, in which


n. an accusation or criminal charge brought by the public p

information and belief

n. a phrase often used in legal pleadings (complaints and a

informed consent

n. agreement to do something or to allow something to happe


prep. Latin for "below," this is legal shorthand to indicat


n. 1) a trespassing or illegal entering. 2) in the law of p


1) n. entrance. 2) n. the right to enter. 3) v. the act of


v. to receive all or a portion of the estate of an ancestor


n. whatever one receives upon the death of a relative due t


n. a writ (order) issued by a court ordering someone to do

injunctive relief

n. a court-ordered act or prohibition against an act or con


n. any harm done to a person by the acts or omissions of an


adj. without guilt (not guilty). Usually the plea which an


n. from Latin innuere, "to nod toward." In law it means "an


n. 1) an investigation and/or a hearing held by the coroner


n. mental illness of such a severe nature that a person can

insanity defense

n. the claim of a defendant in a criminal prosecution that


n. the addition of language at a place within an existing t


n. someone who has a position in a business or stock broker

insider trading

n. the use of confidential information about a business gai


n. 1) the condition of having more debts (liabilities) than

inspection of documents

n. the right to examine and copy the opposing party's paper

installment contract

n. an agreement in which payments of money, delivery of goo


n. an explanation of the law governing a case which the jud


n. 1) a written legal document such as a contract, lease, d

insufficient evidence

n. a finding (decision) by a trial judge or an appeals cour


n. a contract (insurance policy) in which the insurer (insu


n. 1) the person or entity who will be compensated for loss


n. an insurance company which agrees to pay someone who pay

intangible property

n. items such as stock in a company which represent value b


n. 1) adopting a writing as part of an agreement, e.g. "the


n. mental desire and will to act in a particular way, inclu

inter alia

(in-tur eh-lee-ah) prep. Latin for "among other things." Th

inter se

(in-tur say)prep. Latin for "among themselves," meaning tha

inter vivos

(in-tur veye-vohs) adj. Latin for "among the living," usual

inter vivos trust

n. a trust created by a writing (declaration of trust) whic


n. 1) any and all, partial or total right to property or fo

interim order

n. a temporary order of the court pending a hearing, trial,


n. the act of writing between the lines of a document, usua


adj. provisional and not intended to be final. This usually

interlocutory decree

n. a court judgment which is temporary and not intended to

international law

n. treaties between countries; multi-lateral agreements; so


n. the procedure when two parties are involved in a lawsuit


n. questioning of a suspect or witness by law enforcement a


n. a set of written questions to a party to a lawsuit asked

interstate commerce

n. commercial trade, business, movement of goods or money,


v. to obtain the court's permission to enter into a lawsuit

intervening cause

n. an event which occurs between the original improper or d


n. the procedure under which a third party may join an on-g


n. the condition of having died without a valid will. In su


adj. referring to a situation where a person dies without l

intestate succession

n. the distribution when a person dies without leaving a va


n. 1) the condition of being drunk as the result of drinkin

intrinsic fraud

n. an intentionally false representation (lie) which is par


v. result in. Commonly used in legal terminology in the phr

invasion of privacy

n. the intrusion into the personal life of another, without

inverse condemnation

n. the taking of property by a government agency which so g


v. to put money into a business or buy property or securiti


n. the money put into use for profit, or the property or bu


n. a person who comes onto another's property, premises or


adj. or adv. without intent, will or choice. Participation

ipse dixit

(ip-sah dicks-it) v. Latin for "he himself said it," meanin

ipso facto

(ip-soh fact-toe)prep. Latin for "by the fact itself." An e

irreconcilable differences

n. the usual basis for granting a divorce (dissolution) in


adj. not important, pertinent, or germane to the matter at

irreparable damage or injury

n. the type of harm which no monetary compensation can cure


1) n. a person's children or other lineal descendants such

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