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quantum meruit

: (kwahn-tuhm mare-ooh-it) n. Latin for "as much as he dese


v. to annul or set aside. In law, a motion to quash asks th


: (kway-zeye, kwah-zee) adj., adv. from Latin for "as if,"

quasi community property

n. in community property states, property acquired by a cou

quasi contract

n. a situation in which there is an obligation as if there

quasi corporation

n. a business which has operated as a corporation without c

quasi in rem

adj. referring to a legal action which is primarily based o


adj. a reference to a court's right to punish for actions o


adj., adv. referring to the actions of an agency, boards or

Queen's Bench

n. 1) the highest court in Great Britain during the reign o


n. common lawyer lingo for a question to be answered.

question of fact

n. in a lawsuit or criminal prosecution, an issue of fact i

question of law

n. an issue arising in a lawsuit or criminal prosecution wh

qui tam action

: (kwee tam) n. from Latin for "who as well," a lawsuit bro

quid pro quo

: (kwid proh kwoh) n. Latin for "something for something,"

quiet enjoyment

n. the right to enjoy and use premises (particularly a resi

quiet title action

n. a lawsuit to establish a party's title to real property


v. to leave, used in a written notice to a tenant to leave

quitclaim deed

n. a real property deed which transfers (conveys) only that

quo warranto

(kwoh wahr-rahn-toe) n. the name for a writ (order) used to


n. the number of people required to be present before a mee

quotient verdict

n. an award of money damages set by a jury in a lawsuit in

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