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v. to voluntarily give up something, including not enforcin


n. the intentional and voluntary giving up of something, su


adj. 1) grossly negligent to the extent of being recklessly


n. 1) a person (usually a minor) who has a guardian appoint


1) n. an order (writ) of a court which directs a law enforc


n. a written statement of good quality of merchandise, clea

warranty deed

n. a deed to real property which guarantees that the seller


n. 1) any damage to real property by a tenant which lessens

watered stock

n. shares of stock of a corporation which have been issued

weight of evidence

n. the strength, value and believability of evidence presen

wet reckless

n. a plea to a charge of reckless driving which was "alcoho


n. a common neck and/or back injury suffered in automobile

white collar crime

n. a generic term for crimes involving commercial fraud, ch


n. a woman whose husband died while she was married to him

widow's election

n. the choice a widow makes between accepting what her husb


n. a man whose wife died while he was married to her and wh


n. a written document which leaves the estate of the person

will contest

n. a lawsuit challenging the validity of a will and/or its


adj. referring to acts which are intentional, conscious and


adv. referring to doing something intentionally, purposeful

wind up

v. to liquidate (sell or dispose of) assets of a corporatio

winding up

n. liquidating the assets of a corporation or partnership,


n. using an electronic device to listen in on telephone lin


n. 1) in criminal law, leaving a conspiracy to commit a cri


1) n. a person who testifies under oath in a trial (or a de

witness stand

n. a chair at the end of the judge's bench on the jury box

words of art

n. 1) specialized language with meaning peculiar to a parti

work product

n. the writings, notes, memoranda, reports on conversations

Workers' Compensation Acts

n. state statutes which establish liability of employers fo

Workmen's Compensation

n. a former name for worker's compensation before the unise

World Court

n. the Court of International Justice, founded by the Unite


n. a written order of a judge requiring specific action by

writ of attachment

n. a court order directing a sheriff (or other law enforcem

writ of coram nobis

: (writ of core-uhm noh-bis) n. from Latin for "in our pres

writ of execution

n. a court order to a sheriff to enforce a judgment by levy

writ of mandate

(mandamus) n. a court order to a government agency, includi

wrongful death

n. the death of a human being as the result of a wrongful a

wrongful termination

n. a right of an employee to sue his/her employer for damag

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